About Us

Welcome to Instorya, your number one source of photobooks. We're a family brand dedicated to preserve your memories in a photobook, using Instorya app (mobile application) which is convenient, easy to use and combines photos from your camera roll and various social media platforms. We are also the first to provide a subscription feature (Instorya Series) that automatically generates photobooks that you can customize and send out on a monthly basis. Instorya is about looking back at all your memories and realize how amazing your life has been – and what better way to share this with your children and friends.  

Our Story

Instorya was founded in 2019 by a passionate mom of two boys who wanted to preserve her family memories without breaking the bank. Instorya has come from a passion of preserving lasting memories and has its humble beginnings in Dubai when Irish Perez, searched through hundreds of digital photos and a printer that could produce the perfect quality and affordable photobook. After searching the market, her passion drove her to start Instorya in the UAE.

The team behind Instorya Family is a group of passionate moms and dads with a mission to Preserve Happy Memories.

Meet Irish

Irish Perez lives in Dubai, UAE with her family of four. She began her corporate career in the UAE in 2011. In 2019, Irish founded Instorya as a way to easily create photobook using a mobile application. She has always been inspired by the beautiful journey of other moms and travellers and hopes to help others preserve their memories. She is enthusiastic about the possibilities Instorya has to offer by allowing everyone to print and keep their special moments without breaking the bank.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Antero, PhD lives with her family in Dubai, UAE, and spends a lot of her time traveling back to her home in San Diego, California, USA. She started making scrapbooks in 1998 and appreciates the painstaking efforts that are put in organizing photo and creating scrapbooks. When she met Irish in 2019 she was drawn with the idea of creating digital photobooks right at your fingertips. With over two decades of experience working in the Information Technology field and a PhD degree in Information Systems from Copenhagen Business School, she works with Irish to expand the features of the Instorya app and its operations in the UAE. 

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