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Image Quality and Sizing

Instorya never crops photos (other than the photos on the covers) unless the customer chooses to do so. The only reason photos in Instorya may appear square is if you post a square photo to Instagram. Thankfully, Instagram now allows you to post portrait and landscape images, so no matter what you post to Instagram, we will save and print it exactly that way in your book preview. Similarly, photos uploaded from camera roll will print just how they are uploaded whether that be square, landscape or portrait.

If you want to see how your pictures will look in your Instorya, please view your book preview before placing an order. We will flag any photos where the resolution is too low and the print quality will be very poor. If you ever see anything that concerns you, please contact us at and we will make sure that your photos are going to print exactly the way you want them!

As a word of warning, Instagram only passes to us images of size 640x640 pixels. This is something we are trying to work with Instagram to improve as it is a very low pixel count and the resulting printed image quality will vary widely depending on how good the original image was.

Foreign Language Caption Formatting

Due to the way captions are formatted when your Instorya go to print, we can only accommodate text written in a left-to-right format. Languages written in a right-to-left format (Arabic, for example), will be off-center and cut off when the final product is produced. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have a solution for this in the future.

Can softcover Instorya with less than 60 pages have a title on the spine?

Due to their size, softcover Instorya must have at least 105 pages for the title/date to print on the spine. However, Hardcover photo books are wider and therefore, we can print a title/date on the spine with 25 pages or more.

Mode of Payment

Currently, you may choose to pay your order via Cash on Delivery. For cash on delivery, your order will not be delivered unless you have ready cash upon arrival of the courier.

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