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Instorya Series Photobook Price & Size

With a minimum order of 3 photobooks, Instorya Series subscription gives you a more affordable price. It automatically syncs your mobile or Facebook photos into a series of photobooks. You can choose to receive and pay your photobooks monthly or all in one day!

Instorya Series 6x6 Softcover.png

6x6" Softcover

Fixed: 41 pages

Great for family weekend photos, casual portfolios or your furry friends.


99 dhs/month

Instorya Series 8x8 Softcover.png

8x8" Softcover

Fixed: 41 pages

Great for selfies, friend keepsakes, travel adventures or social media photos.


135 dhs/month

Instorya Series 6x6 Hardcover.png

6x6" Hardcover

Fixed: 41 pages

Amazing for your travel adventures, baby milestones and anniversary gifts.


165 dhs/month

Instorya Series 8x8 Hardcover.png

8x8" Hardcover

Fixed: 41 pages

Amazing for your prenup and wedding photos, baby photos, family photos or any photos taken professionally.


195 dhs/montth

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