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A Gift that will Make your Mom Cry (of Happiness)

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Although we don't want to see anyone cry but we realized how our photobooks touches each of our customers' hearts!

Imagine you are gifting your Mom an Instorya photobook full of your family memories or their grand child's milestone or yet their own memories? We bet that would be super amazing and a bit emotional*sniff*. During these pandemic times, simple things that make you realize how happy life can be by looking back to your memories are valuable more than any pot holders, socks, bags, candles or vase that you can gift!

We believe that digital photos are not justified until it is printed. There is something about printed memories that gave us the nostalgic feeling compared to memory notification from your social media.

Don't just make your Mom cry, let your wife, husband or your friends (cry!) experience Instorya photobook as well 😜 and yes, they will be teary too whenever they flip the pages in the future, something that pot holders, socks, bags, candles or vase cannot give 🤗

FYI, our new mantra is out: Gift it, Love it, Share it. Instorya it!

Happy photobooking!

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