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Emirati Women's Day 2020: Thoughts of Two Emirati Women Entrepreneurs

UAE has been so supportive and encouraging to Emirati women. A lot of women have been empowered and significantly contributed economically, physically, and digitally in this era.

Sheikha Fatima, the Mother of the Nation announced in May 2020 that this year’s theme for the day celebrating UAE women is “Preparing for the next 50 years: women are the support of the nation”. She has stressed that Emirati women have proven to everyone that they are capable of supporting the country under all circumstances.

At Instorya, we couldn't agree more so we have interviewed a couple of inspiring Emirati women to ask about their personal thoughts in celebration of Emirati Women's Day 2020.

Owner of Emirati Stylist

1. What do you love most about yourself?

What I love about myself is that I truly believe in me. If I fall 100 times I make sure that I stand up 100 times too. It doesn’t matter if I fail once or I continue failing because this makes me keep trying harder and harder each and every time. I believe that every success and accomplishment will only begin and end if you believe in yourself.

2. What do you do really, really well?

I can smile, be nice, and talk normally with everyone even when I'm hurting. I might be facing a big problem or be sad about a certain thing but I can still control myself and act normal. If I'm not feeling ok, I don't want people around me to feel sad about it because I don't want to spread the negative energy. I want everyone around me to be happy. I know every person has a problem on their own but I believe that you don't need to affect the other people with it.

Not everyone can always smile and act nicely to others but there is greatness and value of how we express ourselves and how we treat people by simply doing this.

3. What motivates you to do your very best?

Knowing that all of my hard work and effort will end up in great and pleasing results makes me always feel motivated to accomplish more. The results that I gain from my work makes me happy. Although sometimes the results are not always good, this motivates me to try again harder in order to get better. Life is not always great so we need to keep ourselves always motivated.

4. How do you compare the Emirati women before versus the Emirati Women now?

As an Emirati woman, I would say that the UAE’s background is very thoughtful and has discreet traditions. Whenever I see fellow Emirati women nowadays, I feel really proud as the difference from before versus today are so great. Women today are strong and I am grateful that our voice was heard in the UAE by our generous rulers. Currently, Emirati women are in high ranks positions, they can join all kinds of sports and they can do any activities they desire without worrying about their gender.