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Instorya x Litrato Group AE Collaboration

Updated: May 6, 2020

23 July 2019, Dubai, UAE. Instorya, a mobile app for creating photo books in the UAE and Litrato Group AE, a non-profit group of photographers in the UAE who help fellow photographers to master their skills, officially announced its collaboration to Litrato Group AE's Facebook page.

Instorya believes that the affordability and quality of photo books can help the Litrato Group AE photographer's portfolio and clients.

"It was an interesting meeting with Litrato Group AE. We admire their passion, their vision and their commitment to each other. We had an amazing experience with their members and we are very humbled to their warm welcome for Instorya. We envisioned a long term partnership with the group as we support their advocacy", Irish Perez, Instorya's CMO.

Award winning photographers in the UAE are also members in Litrato Group AE. Some photographers have already started inquired on the collaboration terms and the phototech market will expect to show the products from mid August onwards.

For further information:

Contact Instorya Family


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