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Quarantine-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

While social distancing is a must, one cannot be any more on point on reminding us to stay at home, and of course, we should never fail to celebrate one of the most important dates for our SUPERMOMS!

So we asked our fellow supermoms across the UAE region to suggest creative ways to celebrate quarantine –friendly mother’s day.

Since many cannot be physically present with their moms to celebrate, Moirasayscheese suggested several ideas to commemorate a quarantine-friendly mother’s day:

  • Giving your mom a memory book with some of your favorite memories together and pen some cute notes;

  • Make a puzzle of your favorite memories with her so she can join the puzzle to enjoy the reveal;

  • Give her customized recipe books;

  • Give her a personalized planter with different herbs;

  • Give her a present of a quarantine survival kit - fill a box with everything she needs to unwind, recharge, and well, stay sane!

Want some moment of peace? Here's Pilotwife_Expatlife’s suggestion for her ideal mother's day:

"Let Mummy have a self-care day! That means breakfast in bed! DIY face masks! If she wants to get all dolled up, let her do it in peace! Let her watch her favorite show. Even if that means KUWTK!😜"

Zaynab Zafran from the_zee_tribe’s ideal quarantine friendly mother's day would be to discreetly organize a virtual mother's day brunch date with mommy's best buddies so that they could catch up.

She also suggested organizing a treasure hunt at home, placing hints where the surprises

are hidden around the house. To make it more exciting and memorable, make each one personalize like:

  • A handmade mother's day card;

  • Create a homemade video for mom, showering her with messages of love. Send the finished product to mom’s inbox for a mother's day surprise (leave a clue to check the email or simply place a pen drive with the video saved in it);

  • Make a picture collage including memorable moments;

  • Place a clue for a good pampering session keeping it simple. Put her favorite show or movie and set up an at-home foot soak. With a couple of basic household items, you can create a spa experience in the living room.

These treasure hunt ideas are the combination of all the stuff she did on mother's day for her mom.

Amy Vogelaar from, loveparentinguae suggested a family work out or yoga session. She's planning the same for her 12 and 15 year old kids.