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How Instorya Started

Updated: May 6, 2020

"I will never forget my son’s face whenever he grabs our photo books from our shelves and flip each page of our photos. It is one of my favourite time of the day when I have to explain to him who are the people in the photos."

"The idea of Instorya pops out when I realize how expensive I am paying to order our photo books from the US and deliver it here in the UAE." - Irish, CEO & Cofounder.

We started Instorya in late 2018 and pitch the idea with our families and friends. Along with my cofounders, we started to study how we can solve the problem and develop a solution where Mums can easily pool their photos from their smartphones and create photo books in seconds within a reasonable price and to top it off with a promise of 5-7 days delivery.

Our Mission is to Preserve Memories

We value life memories as we believe that this is one of the beauties of our lives. Each memories tells us a stories which we are always keen to look back to. Instorya team is a small family of real people and individuals who aims to preserve photos of family and travel memories.

Since we started, each day our family is learning to face each challenge and at the end of the day hugs, laughs and love is what we get.

The biggest reward is the emotional reaction and happy reviews from our clients, priceless!

We are heartfelt grateful for everyone supporting Instorya. Instorya will continue to grow out of love from our family to yours.

Instorya Family xxx

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